Hello, I am fairly new to RPM based distributions. I like OpenSUSE and the community here, and I wanted to ask a few questions.

I installed using the OpenSUSE 64-bit Gnome live CD. I used the one click installer to enable the Nvidia drivers. Doing so caused the system to want to install about 700mb of packages. I am assuming these are "recommended" packages that normally would be on the DVD with Gnome. There is no graphical way to "not" install them (other than using the QT interface, which I do not want) that I could find from the Gnome software installer, other than to perhaps uncheck them one by one.

I installed Nvidia drivers without such issues by using the "zypper in" command. I would like to use the Gnome interface without having to install all these files along with any package changes. Is there a way to do so?

My second question is related. When running a default upgrade, packages such as foreign locales and translations and the yast qt interface want to install which is making the download take a long time. I only need English. Is there an easy way to disable these from installing?

Like I said, I am new so please be patient with me. I did make an effort to search for such issues, with no avail. If such a thread or tutorial exists, please point it out, and I apologize for double posting. Thank you in advance!