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Thread: Compiz Commands Applet - where is it?

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    Default Compiz Commands Applet - where is it?

    I have several OpenSuSE laptops, all running 11.2. However, all loaded at different times and with slight differences in their repository setups.

    One of the systems has a very useful Compix applet found in Control-Panel->Compiz Settings Manager->(General) Commands.

    This applet is missing from all my other systems, and I am wondering where to find it and how to install it on my other systems.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Default Re: Compiz Commands Applet - where is it?

    I suppose you are looking for the package 'fusion-icon', which can be found in the X11:XGL-repository:

    I use this repository for quite a while now and never had any problems so far, but be a little careful with it.

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