Hi all,
It's a general question i have. I've tried a pure KDE install on ArchLinux. By 'pure' i mean it's almost exactly as released by KDE developers. But the 4.4 interface seemed to me a bit sluggish i'll say. Memory usage was about 700MB plus. Archlinux stays with the most updated packages, so I'll assume that the graphic drivers (intel) were also latest, which means that the problems should not be in areas other than the Desktop Environment itself (I have an intel gma x3100 with 965 chipset, 2GB ram). My Windows 7 works in about 850 MB when idle, and the Desktop is pretty responsive.
It felt sad to see linux being beaten by windows in the desktop responsiveness department (gnome is pretty fast), and decided to take a plunge in openSUSE. I was rewarded handsomly.

So here's the point. Has KDE been tuned under the hood by openSUSE? If yes, then kudos to SUSE developers!