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...So here's the point. Has KDE been tuned under the hood by openSUSE? If yes, then kudos to SUSE developers!
I think it depends what you mean by 'tuned'.

I think - and I'm no expert - that the point is mostly that it's been set up correctly and cohesively, something that Arch point blank refuses to do, partly for lack of resources and partly for ideological reasons.

Don't get me wrong - I really like Arch in many ways, and still have it installed (though I can't remember when I last booted it, so it would probably die if I updated it...). But unless you intend to know the settings for the software you're using fairly inside out, it's a pain, and often an inefficient one. Openbox or xmonad, for example, are very much designed for the end user to build the settings from scratch. KDE not so much - which isn't to say it can't be done, but for most users 'sane defaults' is the best way to go, and that isn't how Arch want things done.