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Thread: Is it possible to disable close "X" on a widget?

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    Default Is it possible to disable close "X" on a widget?

    I've been playing with KDE's plasma desktop, getting things organization and such. For the most part, I really like it.

    I have one annoying problem. I'm not sure what it is called, but widgets have a component that slides out and allows you to configure, rotate, move, and close the widget. All is good, except I keep clicking the X and removing it. I have to open another folder view widget and configure it again. Argh! I know why I do it, in my head I'm thinking X closes this slider part (no it closes the widget!). The slider part is kind of sticky and sometimes I want it to close ASAP..., and that X is just staring at me :-) It is further complicated by the close on a Panel's settings. If I click the cashew on the TaskManager panel, a part slides out so I can configure the TaskManager panel, and to close it I can click the cashew again, or the little "x" in the red box. The panel isn't removed, just the part that slides out is closed. Unfortunately, "x" on the panel and "x" on a widget means two different things.

    Has anyone run into a KDE configuration option to disable the close on a widget? I know if I lock all widgets the slider part is gone, and I do lock them. But, there are certain widgets that are too important and you just want to set them up, leave them alone, and adjust them as necessary.

    Also, has anyone changed the defaults for widgets in the Add Widgets Dialog? If so, where is that done? I'd like the Folder View widget to always have specific icon settings, text settings, icon arrangement, so when I actually add the widget they are already set the way I need them for 90% of the cases.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Is it possible to disable close "X" on a widget?

    right click on any empty place on your desktop > select lock widgets

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    Default Re: Is it possible to disable close "X" on a widget?

    I usually have widgets locked, but on those rare occassions when I want to customize/add a widget I have to unlock ("All" widgets).

    It would be nice if the Desktop Folder View widget had an option to remove the "X" completely from the bar that expands from a widget. I'd rather right-click or take some larger action to actually delete/remove the widget from the desktop. "X" in some apps close, on widgets it removes.

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