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Thread: Where can I find "tomboy-plugin"?

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    Default Where can I find "tomboy-plugin"?

    opensuse v11.2, linux x86_64
    Gnome desktop

    I went to add a Tomboy plugin that provides popup reminders. It required a do-it-yourself approach using configure/make/make install. configure complained:
    configure: error: Package requirements (tomboy-plugins) were not met
    Hmm. The only option for tomboy in YAST was "tomboy-lang".

    Neither a web search nor a search in <> yielded any results for "tomboy-plugin."

    Is there such a package? And where might I get it?

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    Default Re: Where can I find "tomboy-plugin"?

    tomboy-plugins refers to a much much much older version of Tomboy.

    There is a newer version of the reminder add-in maintained here that might work for you:


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