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Thread: Xen NAT network setup in opensuse 11.2

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    Default Xen NAT network setup in opensuse 11.2


    I am experimenting with Xen with the standard kernel (kernel-xen package) and utilities. I already got bridged setup to work with a single domU, but found out that because of my wireless card I cannot expect bridging to work when connected wirelessly.

    Now I am trying a NAT setup but I cannot seem to get any network connection from the domU to the dom0 and viceversa. Comparing the network devices and routing tables of others, I cannot see any problem.

    The domU runs with IP and the dom0 has a vif with IP with a default gateway of Pinging from the domU to the dom0 and viceversa does not show any traffic at all when I use tcpdump to monitor eth0 in the domU or the vif interface in dom0.

    It seems that basic connectivity of the vif interface and eth0 in the domU does not work. Does anyone have any tips on how to debug this problem?


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    Default Re: Xen NAT network setup in opensuse 11.2

    I have managed to solve the problem. It appears that there is an issue with using NAT and HVM guests together.

    The issue is documented at Xen HVM Guest configuration for Windows Vista, "Custom solution for HVM Guests".

    I will submit a bug for this on opensuse just to make sure that this problem is solved.

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