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Thread: Load order in KDE4 (4.4)?

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    Default Load order in KDE4 (4.4)?

    How do I control load order in KDE when booting?
    I would like to load networkmanager 1st and some widget like "remember the milk" last in order.

    I have a conflict between two ("Remember the milk" is bad coded - but only remote-syncing ToDo widget that I know).

    When RtM loads, if network is not ready, authentication fails. Then only way to connect it is to kill widget and place it again.

    Well, whatever the reason, how do I control load order of apps/widgets in KDE?

    Emil Beli
    openSUSE 11.4 x64 KDE, ATI 5600, i7 dell inspire laptop

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    Default Re: Load order in KDE4 (4.4)?

    Bump, since I don't know the answer to this, and don't have time to research it.
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