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    Unhappy Slow down my HDD ...

    With what software I can slow down my HDD. With Power Manager if i change from Performance to Aggressive Powersave my HDD still working all the time and it`s hot all the time on my laptop.

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    You need to state which version of Opensuse you're running, which desktop you're using, and what hardware you're running it on.

    Without those details, I can only provide a very general answer: Opensuse comes with power management tools that do a decent job (if you're using KDE, look for PowerDevil). But remember that when you first install a new distro, it typically does a lot of indexing and setup in the background while you work. Therefore, your hard drive might legitimately be very busy right now, but once all of this initialization is completed, it will be accessed less frequently.

    I'm not aware of any software that will "slow down" a hard drive. There is software that will power it down if it hasn't been accessed after a certain length of time.

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