I am building a new installation of Suse 11.2 32 bit to be used in a high school and am having trouble with kiosktool. It launches fine and I get the Main Menu. There is only a "default" profile listed. I then click on "Add New Profile" and accept the suggested profile1 or enter a new name ie: test1, and enter a short description and leave the rest as defaulted. Then when I ckick "Save" I get a "Local Login" window with username "root" filled in and asking for a password. I fill in the root password and hit OK and then a window pops up with File Already Exists: "An older item named 'fish://root@localhost/etc/fde-profile/test1/.kdeprofile' alread exists. This may have been from prior attempts to create a profile. I click on suggest a "New Name" and then on "Rename". Then I get the error I have always gotten from try 1. A small box opens and has a small kiosktool icon in the header and the word "Inforr". Then the text underneath has "Could not read /etc/kderc" and then a cancel button.
I have searched for two days now for references to this and found precious little. I have re-installed from 2 earlier clonezilla images and I have uninstalled and reinstalled kiosktool from a different repository and nothing so far has helped. I sure hope someone here can help me out.