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    Default .ppt Slideshows

    I'm back again to admit my ignorance! Received a .ppt slideshow and saved as both .ppt and .odp. What I want to do is save individual slides as some are not required. This seems impossible as clicking on individual slides does not seem to allow for copying. Am I flogging a dead horse?

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    Do you want to save each slide as its own, separate, slideshow. Or do you want to just remove unwanted slides from this slideshow?

    If the former, I think you'd need to open a new instance of presenter, and drag & drop the slide you want from the old to the new then save the new slideshow, with its single slide. Repeat as necessary.

    For the second, you can just delete the unwanted slides and do a save-as, then close without saving to preserve both copies.

    Not tried the first method, but I would hope that it works
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