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Thread: GParted LiveUSB doesn't work

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    Unhappy GParted LiveUSB doesn't work


    I've created the GParted LiveUSB from what I found on the Ubuntu forum. Apparently the instructions given on GParted website doesn't work.

    I essentially copied the necessary gparted files to my USB and then made it bootable using syslinux.

    I've set the boot sequence properly to boot from my USB but it still doesn't do anything and just brings up the screen where I select my OSs (I have a dual-boot system with WinXP).

    I don't have access to a CD-drive so will have to use the USB. Is there a different way to make the LiveUSB?

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    Default Re: GParted LiveUSB doesn't work

    lostidentity wrote:
    > the instructions given on GParted website doesn't work.

    i assume you are attempting to make a USB which will boot up and let
    you run GParted, and wonder are you saying that this

    doesn't work for you?

    and, if it does not then why are you asking how to fix it in the
    openSUSE forums, and not here:

    failing that, you might ask on the Ubuntu forums why their
    instructions don't work..

    if i assumed wrong (and you are not trying to make a bootable stick to
    run gparted), please post exactly what you *are* trying to do..


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