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Thread: Crystal report viewer ?

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    Default Crystal report viewer ?

    Hello, i am having a problem opening Crystal Report Viewer when i am on my company website, since i started using OpenSuse 11.2. Is there any way to get this working ? When i try and open the file a window pops up and this is what it says. Error logging onto Business Objects Enterprise - @LIBTAXBOE (The user account has been disabled.). Please contact the Business Objects Enterprise Administrator. I am using the live cd, on an HP Pavilion dv6000 notebook with Windows 7 on it. I do not like the way W7 runs on my laptop it is sluggish, so i am trying OpenSuse because i have heard great things about it and its community. Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Crystal report viewer ?

    AK49er wrote:
    > Please contact the Business Objects Enterprise Administrator.

    -welcome- and thank you for trying openSUSE..

    you are of course welcome to wait here for someone who has used or has
    knowledge of that software on 11.2 to help you..

    or you might find a faster solution if you contact the above named
    administrator or SAP who i think make Crystal Report Viewer and the
    software that feeds it..

    offhand i'd just remind you that in Windows[tm] these are all the same:

    hello Hello HEllo HELlo HELLo HELLO hELLO etc etc etc..

    but, in Linux each is very, perhaps you must pay close
    attention to how you enter your user account's ID and Password..

    i urge you to continue watching here for better help, and contact
    SAP...perhaps they will recommend a different version of Crystal
    Report Viewer, or maybe a different version of Linux..

    you could, for example try the Live CD of several different Linux
    distros, off hand i think have a live version: Ubuntu, Mint, Red Hat,
    CentOS, Mandrivia and you can probably find others at

    let us know how you get on (so we know what to tell the next person,
    and so the next can follow your trailblazing)..


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