it started with me wanting to get the listing of "size" in Dolphin in bytes and not in "items". So I went for the documentation and the index. I found no decent index, so I decided I would try to create one. Apparently, I succeeded, some obscure process finished 100%! A closer inspection revealed that it completed 100%, with the following message: Creating index for 'kde_application_manuals'
htdig failed
(27738): running ("/usr/lib64/kde4/libexec/khc_docbookdig.pl", "--indexdir=/home/JCA/.kde4/share/apps/khelpcenter/index/", "--docpath=khelpcenter:kde_application_manuals", "--identifier=kde_application_manuals") failed with exitCode 255 (27738): stdout output: ""
(27738): stderr output: "" (27738) KHC::IndexBuilder::sendProgressSignal: IndexBuilder::sendProgressSignal()
(27738) KHC::IndexBuilder:rocessCmdQueue: IndexBuilder:rocessCmdQueue() (27738) KHC::IndexBuilder::quit: IndexBuilder::quit()

Then I tried to execute "susehelp", that gave me the nice message:
kdeinit4_wrapper: Warning: connect(/root/.kde4/socket-linux-mo60/kdeinit4__0) failed: : No such file or directory

I suppose I am missing something (besides an indexed and working documentation), but what?
If there is a kind helper out there, he might find it helpful to learn that I am running openSuSE 11.2 on an x86_64 installation.

Jan Christian