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Thread: printing in firefox 3.6

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    Default printing in firefox 3.6

    I cant print in firefox 3.6 by cups.
    Whe i go to file print i see the printers.
    The file is send to the wright printer.
    Printer crasch.
    I look on internet en found a solution.
    Firefox can only print to file.
    I had to add
    gtk-printer-backbands ="lpr,file"
    in /etc/gtk-2.0 in the file gtkr.
    and restart cups
    When i co to the printers i don't see the printers but only lpr.
    When i klik print the page wil print but only to the defualt printer. Is there a solution the fix this error.
    Ore how can i give the commando lpr -p printername. I try this on command line
    I make 2 printqueue's to the same printer and
    when i give echo "text" | lpr -p printername it works
    How can i change the gtkr file to have the posibility to slect the printers

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    Default Re: printing in firefox 3.6

    I have the same problem, external cups server, I can only print to file and then I'm able to print everywhere by the pdf viewer, is there any solution?

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    Default Re: printing in firefox 3.6

    I can print with firefox from my two network printers without a problem.
    The printers are using lpr.

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