RichardET wrote:
> How long has 11.2 been out? And bugs like this are still prominent?

you are you kidding, right? did you forget to add a ;-) or what?

you do know that there are 'bugs' in all software, right?

even bugs in Toyota products...and as far as i can tell in everything
made by men..

like did you hear about the 17 year old bug in the most used software
on the planet, the bug that allowed the Chinese hackers to crack Google?

read about that:

btw, i think the answers to your Qs are: openSUSE 1.2 was released on
Nov 12th of last year, and yes it still has some bugs, and probably
will for a long time to come....however, its code the code base 2027
will probably not contain a bug which is in there today....why?
because of the kind of testing this thread is asking folks to
participate in..

are you participating, or just commenting?

a quick review of your posts indicate to me you are obviously both
anti-openSUSE and pro-Redmond...which lead me to ask: why do you hang
out here?

if openSUSE doesn't suit you then i'd highly recommend you find that
system which does....then go there and improve it rather than spend
your time here trying to tear down what suits me, and thousands of

in case others want to review your past post and decide for