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Thread: Getting Konsole to work properly

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    Default Getting Konsole to work properly

    I just spent a few days ripping out all the broken/buggy apps that are in the opensuse 11.2 official repos so I can finally get working software(openoffice, thunderbird, wine, eclipse, rubygems, rails, and a few others required getting the "official" versions from their respective websites to avoid strange behavior and outright broken functionality). All of which makes updating more annoying and time-consuming. Why are opensuse packages so different anyway?

    Anyway, the last thing that I have noticed to fix is Konsole. For some really bizarre reason ctrl+z and ctrl+c do not work without a third(!!????!!!!!) keystroke: enter. Maybe this is something new with the KDE team, since they seem bent on making simple things that already work more complex, but given my experience with crappy packages in the suse repos, I am thinking this is the problem.

    I have looked over all the config settings that I can find and nothing fixes this affront to productivity.

    Is there a way to fix it, other then rip it out and get a proper version that will require manual updates?

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    Default Re: Getting Konsole to work properly

    Something is strange with your installation if you have to do such things. Konsole works fine for me and always has. No problem at all with ctrl-z and ctrl-c.

    Maybe you have a common library that is messed up and this is causing all your problems with K apps?

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