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Thread: widgets in KDE

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    Default widgets in KDE

    Hi all,

    I'm using the defualt KDE version as shipped in 11.2

    I'm trying to stick widgets to ONLY the widget desktop and not my normal one.

    I was assuming that this is possible, however when I enable the plasmoid desktop and add widgets to it, the widgets are there even after I get rid of the plasmoid desktop,

    isn't this supposed to work like the Mac OSX desktop?

    am I doing something wrong?

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    Default Re: widgets in KDE

    I see none of the options you describe
    'Widget Desktop'
    'Plasmoid Desktop'

    I see:
    'Default Desktop Containment'
    'Folder View'
    Confusion may exist, in that there is a real physical location /home/username/Desktop
    There would have been icons there by default

    By default the view is: Default Desktop Containment but with a Folder View widget. Not to be confused with the 'Folder View' activity.

    Confusing isn't it and I'm only scratching the surface.
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