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Thread: Driver for Clear Wimax USB Modem ?

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    Default Driver for Clear Wimax USB Modem ?

    I just got Clear mobile Wimax.

    It uses a Motorola USB stick modem that comes with a Windows driver.

    I didn't see a Linux driver and was wondering if I could expect to see one for openSuse moblin for netbooks?

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    Default Re: Driver for Clear Wimax USB Modem ?

    I some how doubt openSUSE moblin will have. From a quick google I found this ClearWire WiMAX Drivers For MAC, Coming In August., Linux A Little Later! | VOIP IP Telephony, now there is mention of them possibly releasing the source code. I found this which seems quite detailed [PLUG] Mobile broadband experiences? and a little detailed but how relevant it is I can't say.

    But there is definitely intel wimax drivers out there, so from my crude understanding it may be down to the dongle.
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    Default Re: Driver for Clear Wimax USB Modem ?

    if you type

    in a terminal, it might help identify the ID of the device

    and if you copy and paste the results back here

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    Default Re: Driver for Clear Wimax USB Modem ?

    my device is wimax usb stick BM338 from Huawei (Beceem chipset)
    Bus 002 Device 006: ID 198f:bccd Beceem Communications Inc.

    1-can i use ndiswrapper and win driver for it?
    2-I`m not sure but thiese sites may help:
    The OpenNET Project: Настройка 4G WiMAX-модема на чипах Beceem в Linux

    [PATCH] staging: Beceem USB Wimax driver | KernelTrap

    Linux HOWTO (Card Setup)

    Draisberghof - Software - USB_ModeSwitch

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    Default Re: Driver for Clear Wimax USB Modem ?

    I forgot to say you can mount this kind of wimax usb manually with command below:
    mount -o loop /dev/sr1 /media/Huawei

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