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Thread: Openoffice 3 GB thesaurus?

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    Default Openoffice 3 GB thesaurus?

    In OOo 2.x I used to be able to use the USA Thesaurus in GB documents (by
    THES en GB th_en_US_v2
    in the dictionary.lst file at: /usr/lib/ooo-2.0/share/dict/ooo

    However in OOo 3.0 the dictionaries and thesaurus are not handled in that
    way anymore.

    Does anybody know if it is possible to do a similar trick?
    I would prefer not to have the USA English as default, but he GB one if
    possible (and use the USA Thesaurus, as there is no GB one).

    Many thanks


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    Default Re: Openoffice 3 GB thesaurus?

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    Default Re: Openoffice 3 GB thesaurus?

    Your frustration pales - I am livid.
    Having to tweak and fiddle simply to get GBE going after every update and every revision is totally absurd, ridiculous & really embarrassing for a piece of software that's supposed to be universal, professional and competitive.
    This Kafkaesque joke has been going on for many years.
    No-one inside oo appears to be willing to provide a simple, user-friendly solution.

    I'm having a running fight @ openoffice-issues with some oo numpties about this. They say it's nothing to do with them but the way oo is packaged. It may well be technically correct that opensuse, ubuntu etc. do not package oo correctly and leave BE users without a working thesaurus.

    I am not convinced that blame should rest entirely on the many packagers who make the same 'mistake'. They are required to disable some parts of a file and enable other parts of the same file - because BE & USE share the same dictionary/thesaurus. That's the core issue. And that's an oo issue. No other language has that - not even Canadian English. These oo numpties won't do anything to resolve the defect which, I think, could be solved very easily.

    The solution could be quite simple: Split BE&USE grammar tool files and provide them separately. If that was done then 'bad packagers' such as opensuse and pretty much everyone else would not make the same 'mistake'.

    For the love of humanity please can someone fix this!! It's dead easy!
    I just do not get why oo people refuse to make life simple for the end-user.
    I volunteered to help with that myself - somehow I don't think that's going to happen!
    There are many post-install fixes available on-line to resolve something oo should have fixed at source about five years ago...

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