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Thread: Strange openoffice-org-kde4 behavior

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    Default Strange openoffice-org-kde4 behavior

    In opensuse 11.2, for all versions of openoffice3 in kde4 (from to latest with openoffice-org-kde4 installed, whenever I copy content from one writer instance to another, the openoffice file dialogue becomes exceedingly slow. If I uninstall openoffice-org-kde4, the openoffice file dialogue is of course no longer kde4-enabled and the slowness goes away, although it has its own problem. Also, in Gnome, it behaves normally.

    Has anyone seen this problem also?



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    Default Re: Strange openoffice-org-kde4 behavior

    I have same issue with package on Kubuntu Karmic!
    And if I uninstall package, file dialog works quickly!
    KDE4 file dialog slows when browsing folders, I thing in operation "Load folder contents", but I didn't know how to debug this process for locate the problem.
    Problem exists in KDE 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 too. Other file dialogs (for example, in kate, works quckly.

    woojinlee, does you got any additional info for creating bug report?

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    Default Re: Strange openoffice-org-kde4 behavior

    Try disabling Klipper. If that solves it, you can re-enable it and play around with the configuration options. Can't remember which one eventually solved the issue for me, but there aren't many anyway :-)

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    Default Re: Strange openoffice-org-kde4 behavior

    Disabling klipper solves the copy&paste problem but the temporary freeze on plasma's folder browsing is still there. It still takes several seconds to browse folder in the openoffice's file dialogue once you've done a copy&paste.

    It looks like ubuntu folks are having same issue...

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    Angry Re: Strange openoffice-org-kde4 behavior

    No, disabling (unload from memory) klipper didn't solve the problem with slow file dialogs in kde4 dialogs have very slow time only when reading folder contents, I need wait 1-10 seconds each time after change folder. In kate file dialog folders changes instantly.

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    Default Re: Strange openoffice-org-kde4 behavior

    Has anybody found a solution to this or logged a bug?

    I have exactly the same with opensuse 11.2 and oo3.1.1.5

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    Default Re: Strange openoffice-org-kde4 behavior

    For me (opensuse 11.2, kde 4.3.5-3, Ooo, the slowing down occurs in the kde4-file-dialog box only after some operation of copy-paste, but not always. When I close openoffice and restart it, there is no slowing more.
    When slowing occurs, it seems to happen in konqueror's tabs change too. Maybe other actions too?

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    Default Re: Strange openoffice-org-kde4 behavior

    Does anyone know if this is fixed with OOo3.2.1?


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    Lightbulb Re: Strange openoffice-org-kde4 behavior

    Found a workaround, described at: clear clipboard or copy something from other (non-openoffice) app to clipboard, and freezing dialogs disappear.
    More info at
    Does we have open bug about this problem in opensuse bugtracker?

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    Default Re: Strange openoffice-org-kde4 behavior


    I submitted a Novel bug report some month ago:

    No new bug report is necessary, but perhaps you could add you experience (more persons=higher change for a patch?)

    Best wishes


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