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Thread: firefox is freezing up

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    Default firefox is freezing up

    just now I had to restart it 10 times to get it to work accurately.

    with windows I think what I would do is uninstall firefox then reinstall it. will that work on linux as well?

    and what other ways can I debug/clean up this system a little better since it seems to not work the same as windows, although basically it's the same, just a little different, different type of file system, etc.

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    Default Re: firefox is freezing up

    Make sure FF is closed
    Open a terminal and type: firefox

    report the messages in the terminal
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    Default Re: firefox is freezing up

    no messages, just opens normally

    thanks for the help

    i'll let you know if anything else messes up, it's on and off with this thing

    don't know why

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