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Thread: Netflix streaming?

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    Default Netflix streaming?

    Has anyone been able to get netflix to stream on opensuse?

    I installed moonlight and changed the user agent to be on windows. But now it gives me the error "ActiveX is disabled" any ideas?

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    Default Re: Netflix streaming?

    YAMSL (Yet Another MicroSoft Lockin)

    ActiveX only runs in Windows

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    Default Re: Netflix streaming?

    On Mon, 25 Jan 2010 23:16:01 +0000, 6tr6tr wrote:

    > But now
    > it gives me the error "ActiveX is disabled" any ideas?

    IE under WINE is probably your best bet - I haven't tried it yet myself,
    one thing to watch out for is the Netflix "limit" on the number of
    systems your streaming account can be connected to. If it recognizes
    your Linux box differently, you could run out of that limit very quickly,
    and since it's not a supported platform, Netflix may make you wait a year
    for them to clear up.

    Rather than mess with it myself and kill the functionality inadvertently,
    we just started doing the streaming using our PS3 instead. From what
    I've read, Netflix doesn't demonstrate a lot of flexibility for people
    who accidentally enable too many devices.

    Jim Henderson
    openSUSE Forums Moderator

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