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Thread: Help with character encoding in Firefox & Thunderbird

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    Default Help with character encoding in Firefox & Thunderbird

    I'm having trouble getting certain European characters to display correctly with my set up. I've tried various combinations but cannot get it to work reliably.

    In oS11.2 I have British English set with utf-8
    In Firefox I have Preferred language set as English/United Kingdom as first choice then English (en) as second choice.

    I have also set fonts in Firefox as shown below

    I also tried Western (8859-1) instead of utf-8 but it makes no difference.

    Now for an example going to this page I get a whole bunch of funny characters as seen below.

    In Thunderbird I have the following font settings

    What do I need to do to be able display these characters correctly?
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    Default Re: Help with character encoding in Firefox & Thunderbird

    It's not your fault and there's nothing you can do about this except tell the owner of the page about the error. The € combination is commonly seen and is the result of a UTF-8 character that is wrongly rendered in a ISO8859 page without appropriate transcoding.

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