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Thread: shutdown pc or log off

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    Default shutdown pc or log off

    i've had installed opensuse 11.2
    And every time when i want to shutdown pc or to log of i have to wait 30 s or to pres the button again.
    How can i make that it directly log off or shutdown.

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    Default Re: shutdown pc or log off

    You can log off by pressing and holding CRTL+ALT+Backspace for about half a second to log off 'directly'. Also when you say 'press the button' do you mean press the power button on your computer, or click and 'press' the shutdown button on the openSUSE panel?

    Hope this helps.



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    Default Re: shutdown pc or log off

    > How can i make that it directly log off or shutdown.

    -welcome to open source and openSUSE-

    please do NOT shut down by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace...and then
    pressing your computer power button....that is NOT a smooth, safe way
    to shutdown your computer..

    sure, it will work *if* everything in your hardware/software system
    works absolutely perfectly during shutdown *and* the next boot which
    is FORCED to try to repair any file system damage *caused* by the
    previous *incorrect* and *dangerous* shutdown..

    also, it should never be necessary to click on "Shutdown" twice or
    press the computers hardware power button twice---however, it could be
    that *patience* is always required as it is NOT like turning off your
    phone, radio, TV, washing machine, water tap, aircraft engines, etc
    etc etc...that is, it is NOT always instantaneous...

    instead, there are several ways to correctly shutdown an openSUSE
    system, my favorite (and easiest for _me) is to

    -right click desktop
    -select "Log out [my user ID]"
    -select click on "Turn off computer"

    then WAIT some seconds..

    though the screen does not show it to you the system is going through
    and automatic, step-by-step, systematic, SAFE and complete closing of
    *all* running programs (MANY run in the background and you never know
    of them), and saving a closing of all log files, application files,
    etc etc...a shutdown of all devices and finally a power off signal..

    want to watch what is going on? then, after clicking on "Turn off
    computer" just push Esc, once....the green screen covering all the
    working will drop down and you can see the many different tasks the
    system is providing to you......

    how long does that take? that is like asking how long is a
    takes as long as it takes...and, that depends on what all was going on
    when you clicked "Turn off computer" (and, as mentioned there can be a
    LOT of stuff going on that you are not even aware of--EVEN if you have
    shut down everything you opened (browser, email program, word
    processor, graphics, games etc etc etc...shut ALL of that down and
    still there are hundreds of things happening..

    yes, it might take 30 seconds...or 45 seconds....or more....patience
    is helpful....but, realize that you do NOT have to sit and watch the
    screen while the system is AUTOMATICALLY packing away all its 'stuff'
    and sending the power down signal..

    now, all the above is for a normal shutdown...._maybe_ yours is *not*
    normal and is hanging somewhere for 30 (or 130) seconds and actually
    doing nothing (as well as seeming to do nothing)....or maybe your
    hangs forever and will never send the power off signal.....*if* that
    is the case, say so and we can help with that, maybe..

    *if* you system is actually hanging during shutdown you might want to
    try an alternative means of shutting down which MIGHT avoid the hang,
    try this:

    -open a terminal/konsole and become root with this command:

    su -
    don't forget the - after the space, after su....then hit enter and
    then type in the root password (you will not see what you type) and
    hit enter again...then, this command:

    shutdown -h now
    if you have to do that to avoid a hang, post again and maybe we can
    help more....but, do NOT use Ctrl+Alt+[anything] anytime there are
    safer alternatives to try...all of those are things which folks who
    know little about Linux hear somewhere it works (and it sounds
    comfortable because it is similar to the Windows bail out
    Ctrl+Alt+Delete [wimpy] "three finger salute"), and try it not knowing
    all the potential pitfalls of taking those kinds of "short cuts" or


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