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Thread: delegating httpd admin to non-root user?

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    Default delegating httpd admin to non-root user?

    I have built a simple openSUSE 11.1 server to host a website for user. Apache2 is installed and working fine, now I'd like to delegate all web admin/config to a user, who does not have the root password. I would like this user to be able to edit httpd.conf and associated includes, and create/edit/remove any and all hosted web content on the server. Is this possible, and if so, is there a best practice? Thanks for any and all info/help!

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    Default Re: delegating httpd admin to non-root user?

    The user may keep the contents of the website under his home directory, where he can edit contents at will. The only thing you have to do is to place a symlink to that directory under /srv/www/htdocs and make it the root directory for the site (or configure it as a virtual host).

    For the config files you could give the user sudo permission for a command to edit that file (and nothing else). I don't know if that works, but you might try to move some of the config files to the users $HOME and set a symlink in /etc/apache2. Beware: I did never try this, and these files must at least be readable for anyone.
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