Hi everyone,

Previously I used SUSE 10.2, and at that time there was no problem with Klipper at all.
But, now with SUSE 11.2, Klipper doesn't work correctly.
As we know, if we highlight some text, it should be saved and then we can freely paste whatever editor with input mode. But, sometimes, some text weren't saved. I check this cautiously.

When I code with vim and xterm, we can easily check man page with <ctrl+k> on a function we want to know. Then, highlight some sentence, quit from the man page, and try to paste it. Then, in many cases, the older one was pasted which is not expected. So, I checked Klipper during above actions, and I found that sometimes highlighted text was not saved in Klipper.

Do you know the reason? and How to solve it?