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Thread: login error or not

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    Unhappy login error or not

    Hi all,
    I am a newbie on this forum...i just move out from M$ vista ....I already installed opensuse 11.2 gnome. I still have a problem with my login accounts. I have user nr1 and user nr2, both with same wrights. when I log out from user nr1, I got the login screen-that`s good. But, when I reboot/restart my machine, it seems to go back to user nr1 without login screen- without asking about password!!!
    I need to have that login screen on, for both users, with passwords. I guess I did something wrong there, but I don`t know what I`ve done.
    Some help will be appreciated!

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    You have automatic login feature turned on.

    Run gdmsetup and you can disable it from there.
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