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Thread: WINE I love you!!!!

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    Thumbs up WINE I love you!!!!

    Today is the day of days for me, as my longest running and greatest wish for Linux has finally come true.

    Empire Earth now runs under WINE!


    The reason for my jubilation?

    Well now EE runs under Linux, I can finally give the stink-finger to Microsoft and their "Operating System".

    I can now have an entirely Microsoft free life.

    This is the ONE game I really love to play and the only game that has never before worked under any emulation.

    The only reason I have always kept a windows partition on any of my systems is so that I can play that game. Yes I hear many of you saying that is a stupid reason, and maybe even you all think it is a pointless thing.

    But I enjoy that game, and I wish to play it, it is great to simply lay on the couch/bed/whatever and melt away the stresses of the day building my towns and walls . And now thanks to the great work and undying devotion of the members of the WINE team, I can do that under the Operating System of my choice.

    So not only do I say goodbye to the Windows world completely, I also reclaim circa 60 gigs of hard disk space, faster booting (no boot menu is required), easier installation (I no longer have to worry about partitioning too much), and the comfort in the knowledge that I am in control of my computer and not a multi-billion dollar Corporation.

    Now I have my full repertoire of games playing well under Linux:

    Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory*
    Enemy Territory - Quake Wars*
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein*
    Half Life
    Half Life Source (multiplayer)
    Half Life II
    Half Life II - episode 1
    Half Life II Source (multiplayer)

    and last but not least....

    Empire Earth.

    (* donates native Linux clients)

    (All games are completely legal, purchased copies just in case you wish to question. Although ET is of course free )

    Oh happy day, oh happy day.....

    ...OK, I'll stop singing now .

    Oh yes and a last note: I am also going to donate some money to the WINE team as a small thankyou for the great work they have done! Not much unfortunately as I'm not rich. Believe me, if I was rich I would have paid them to get it working!

    Please keep up the great work you have being doing so far, WINE has come such a long way since it's conception, and is starting to become a seriously capable piece of software.

    Thanks guys .

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    Default Re: WINE I love you!!!!

    Backup .wine

    I find you can move from install to install
    even if you format /home
    Leap 15.1_KDE
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    Default Re: WINE I love you!!!!

    There's still issues thanks to over restrictive EULA's, think WoW's status is one example, though it's not something that I've researched properly.

    For me, I wish WINE would support this ancient (and likely poorly written) Win3/Win95 chess teaching program which seems to rely on some bug, in old Windows implementation.

    Running it virtualised works, but exposes oneself to 'dows license issues, as M$ like to charge for downgrades, rather than be fair to end user.

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    Default Re: WINE I love you!!!!

    growbag, glad you're able to run EE on wine

    Would you mind submitting it here?

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    Default Re: WINE I love you!!!!

    May i ask, how did u get it working? I get an error as soon as i do "wine "Empire Earth.exe"

    And at last this :

    wine: Call from 0x7bc4b4d8 to unimplemented function Low-Level Engine.dll.?Receive@TSThread@@SAJAAKAAPAX1@Z, aborting

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    Quote Originally Posted by robopensuse View Post
    There's still issues thanks to over restrictive EULA's
    I'm not a lawyer in any kind, and even wikipedia is not, but take a look at the laws of your country. German wikipedia for example says:
    Quote Originally Posted by
    In Deutschland sind EULA zu Standardsoftware nur dann Vertragsbestandteil, wenn sie zwischen Verkufer und Erwerber der Software bereits beim Kauf vereinbart wurden. Dem Kufer erst nach dem Kauf zugnglich gemachte Lizenzbestimmungen (zum Beispiel whrend der Installation oder als gedruckte Beilage in der Verpackung) sind fr den Kufer wirkungslos. Dies gilt auch dann, wenn der Kufer bei der Installation "Ich stimme der Lizenzvereinbarung zu" oder hnliches anklickt, weil die Software sonst die Installation verweigert.[1].
    Translated: "In germany the EULA of standard-software is just part of the contract, if it is accepted by the consumer prior to the sale. If the EULA is only accessible after buying the software (for example during the installation or as printed copy inside the box) it won't have any effect. This is even true, if the consumer later has to accept to the EULA, because he couldn't use the software otherwise (pressing "accept" button during installation)."

    It's good to inform yourself about your rights. Also, there is a chance, that many of the points in an EULA are illegal. Those won't take any effect either.

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    Default Re: WINE I love you!!!!

    Few questions, How do run the game in Direct3d TNL and how did u fix the low-level engine.dll ?

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