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Thread: best way to virtualize pre-existing Vista

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    Question best way to virtualize pre-existing Vista

    Hello there,

    I have Vista Home (preinstalled on my laptop) in dual boot with Suse 11.1. I need sometime to work on vista because I cannot run some specific sw (wine tried already, poor results).

    is it possible to "make" this vista installation accessible under suse ? I heard about virtual machine and full virtualization, can sombody give me some indications how these things work?

    many thanks , Alex

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    Default Re: best way to virtualize pre-existing Vista

    VirtualBox is included in the openSuSE repositories and works pretty well.

    If you set it up in seemless mode it blends in nicely with your linux desktop under certain conditions (previously it didn't play well with compiz and I haven't tested this feature lately).

    I am not sure if there are good p2v migration tools available like vmware has though.

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