Hi does anyone know how to test if spamc is learning spam ?
and if its not, what might be wrong? (ie what is the correct way for my situation)

- I suspect the stuff I manually pipe to it with :
spamc --learntype=spam
is NOT being learnt - as the filtering is still so poor. Same spams keep getting through.

its beginning to drive me potty!

Can anyone advise ?


using centralised spamd user=spamd for filtering all local accounts (because only one account gets a significant amount of email). Incoming stuff is piped to it by postix etc. and then delivered to /var/mail/userid

To try to fix the problem, I've been running with cron hourly with:
5 * * * * /usr/bin/sa-learn --sync -u spamd
But the only files that ever change in the .spamassassin directory are:

and I'm pretty sure they are not modified straight away on hitting the learn-as-spam filter, but I don't know if they're changing anyway from other spamassassin activity