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Thread: OCFS2 on Opensuse 11

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    Default OCFS2 on Opensuse 11


    I am learning installing Oracle on Opensuse 11 using VMWare. I am following the instructions given at this link

    ORACLE - DBA Tips Corner

    For this purpose, OCFS2 package is needed. But the link given there is for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. But I am using Open Suse 11.

    The link given at Oracle site is only for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). And it is not free.

    I checked the repository for Opensuse but It doesn't contain OCFS2. But other related packages like OCFS2-Tools etc are available.

    Does anyone here knows where to get OCFS2 for Opensuse 11 ?

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    Default Re: OCFS2 on Opensuse 11

    It's already there and has been for a long time. The kernel ocfs2 modules are supplied by default and you only need to install ocfs2-tools and ocfs2console packages to use ocfs2. There are also some dependencies for the heartbeat I think, but all the required packages are in the repo.

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