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Thread: wine problems

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    Default wine problems

    Give up so I decided to ask for help, trying to run wine, to see how it works ...
    I am new to using Linux. Many things are not clear to me ...
    I install wine, at least I think so ... but I simply can not find, I do not know where is wine ... or maybe not install ???
    These are my first contacts with Linux - openSUSE looks good to me ...

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    Default Re: wine problems

    Open a terminal and type:

    rpm -qi wine
    what is the result?
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    Default Re: wine problems

    Wine dose not show up in menus. It is pretty much a command line program.

    This may help some

    Wine - openSUSE

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    Default Re: wine problems

    open a terminal window (Programs - System - Terminal - konsole), do:

    winecfg, this allows you to configure some basic wine settings. In the Graphics tab, tick "Emulate a virtual desktop", pick a resolution that fits your desktop.

    winefile. This will open a file browser in a virtual wine desktop. Try it, you'll see. If you know how to handle Explorer, this will bring you quite a long way.
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    Default Re: wine problems

    Thanks folks. It seems that I still install. I managed to find it ...
    Now comes the second part, seeing how this works ....

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