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Thread: Mouse Diagnostics Needed

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    Angry Mouse Diagnostics Needed

    The following situation developed few days ago, I was starting my computer, OpenSUSE11.2, when I noticed there were no response to mouse clicks
    After the initial shock, I thought of using the repair tool, inserting the dvd then starting the automatic repair tool, when checking the drives, the tool could not check the openSUSE-11.2 drive, I panicked and thought of having to get a new hard drive and etc.., so I decided first to try to reinstall the system, when finished the reinstallation, and to my surprise, there were no response to mouse clicks....
    Finally I decided to use an old mouse and this worked ok.
    My question,request, query is, is there a tool that will diagnose a mouse and tell me if it is defective or not?
    remember: There was a mouse pointer on the screen moving as usual but there was no response to clicking
    Thank you for reading my post

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    If the mouse works during install, it's not defective. Don't reinstall on things like this, as you have seen linux is very stable and will recreate the same problem. Reinstalling is for when you messed up that hard that there's no other way. Drop questions here and see what happens.

    What brand and model is this new mouse? Did this start straight after install/first reboot?
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