Gnome has stopped working. On startup it shows a message (an error message) with icons and a button but no text. On clicking the button it shows a window with an input field and a cancel and OK button but no text (apart from the Gnome logo).

I know I have done something to graphics or font libraries. I wanted to install Etherape. The configure kept telling me of missing libraries and so I acquired and installed the latest versions libraries. It is only now I know that these libraries are apparently core parts of the GUI. The question as to why configure did not think they were installed when it appears they already were, is another issue.

I installed glib, libglade, cairo, atk, pango and fontconfig (not in that order). Something affected a configuration. At some point opening the GUI Yast showed a page with icons but no text. Now I can't start Gnome.

Having found that Yast works from a terminal prompt I can see all these libraries, but Yast is telling me the installed versions are not the ones I downloaded and made, but earlier versions, I guess the original.

I have run an 'Update' on all, as I thought relevant, packages. I don't know how to do a re-install as such.

So I am not sure what has gone wrong but perhaps there is a Gnome config file that I need to look at?