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Thread: KDE to GNOME

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    Default KDE to GNOME

    Hello people ,

    I am a newbie for linux and I use it for programming and some of my college work only !
    Currently I have KDE 4.3 and I want to try Gnome so , my question is :-

    Can i install Gnome with the current KDE and compare both of them ?

    If yes , How ?

    and how to uninstall one of them after comparing ?


    How can i install Gnome over KDE without losing data ?

    and well i have an ati card , hope i dont face trouble in gnome with its drivers though i still want to try Gnome

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    Default Re: KDE to GNOME

    You can have both
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    Check to install gnome-base and gnome-desktop


    You should have auto login disabled
    Disable Auto-Login - openSUSE Forums

    At login you can select gnome from the session options
    It doesn't show gnome in that - but it will for you.
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