I have put up with this but I wondered if anyone can point me to some way to make this nicer....
Looking at the previews, it does not show the differences I see here when viewing the pages directly in FF, in fact here it ALL looks horrid. When I am viewing the pages in FF the text looks OK, but the "text as an image" looks foul!
For instance in #2 below, the tabs, "home, casino, poker, sports etc etc" look really ragged and horrible, the ones below them,
"UserCP, FAQ, members list, calendar etc etc" seem to render fine...
Equally, Google's Banner/logo is horrible, the text below it is fine.
Here on openSuse forum, the edit/quote/post reply buttons as well as the little "light" next to my avatar showing if I am online are really bad, the text itself is OK
In the edit window, the little icon buttons for for font, insert link image etc are horrible, text is OK
It may be something to do with scaling of these "textpics". Anything I can do??

I will try and find a way to post that shows the difference, and what I mean, but your thoughts are very welcome, please!

Looking closer at say, google, the text is not perfect, but acceptable. The google logo/banner is really nasty though!

Firefox 3.5.6 for openSuse, BTW but it has always been like this IIRC, graphics in my sig.