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Thread: Problems With OpenOffice Calc

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    Default Problems With OpenOffice Calc

    When i save an openoffice Calc Document in Microsoft Excel File all the Greek characters are appeared with the symbol "?". The only solution is to save it to *.xls from the windows version of
    Can this problem be solved??

    I want Also to notice that OpenOffice Calc Crushes too many times in some particular functions.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Problems With OpenOffice Calc

    Greek characters appear twice in the Unicode sequence, the first time without diacritics. It is possible that the Go-OO version supplied by openSUSE uses the second sequence which is not compatible with Excel. Alternatively, as the Sun Windows version works OK, there has been a regression in the filter supplied with the Go-OO version. I would put in a bug report.

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