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Thread: Adding a repo. Doesent work, please help thanks!

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    Question Adding a repo. Doesent work, please help thanks!

    SUSE 11.2

    I have been looking for several days on how to add a repository using either the gui or command line. I have found no real help on the forum, or on I have tried both the GUI and command line, through the GUI I get an error message, time out on the server response, and when added using the command line I get:

    linux-pod4:~ # zypper ar Aircrack-ng
    Adding repository 'Aircrack-ng' [done]
    Repository 'Aircrack-ng' successfully added
    Enabled: Yes
    Autorefresh: No

    but again when I try to search for the package (Aircrack-ng) it comes up empty-handed...

    I cant find any specific instructions on how to add a repo one finds randomly on the web (like say, here, on this forum as I did?) But I dislike the search function on this forum so I rely on google to help me out.
    The URL I am trying to create a connection to is: Index of /repositories/home:/primdorf/openSUSE_11.1/x86_64

    Any help or pointing to other threads I have missed would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Default Re: Adding a repo. Doesent work, please help thanks!

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