I'm running OS11.2 w/KDE 4.3.4 on a Dell Latitude D820 laptop. Graphiccard: Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M

Laptop is docked in a docking-station(D-dock) and to dockingstation i have connected an external 22" LCD-screen.
I use Nvidia-settings to configure TwinView and define the external screen to be the primary.
This has been working perfect until i switch laptop and monitor so the external screen is now placed on the right side of the laptop. I configure it right in Nvidia-settings and i have primary desktop with the KDE-meny and desktop shown in the external screen.

The only problem is that all opened windows appears in the laptop-screen and not the external primary screen like in Firefox when i open an pop-up-window it always show in the laptop-screen and i have to drag it over to the external screen. This is just a cosmetic issue, but its a little irritating since i run WinXP in Virtualbox to be in the laptopscreen and in full-screen-mode. So all pop-up-windows appears behind the WinXP-screen and i have to exit full-screen-mode in Virtualbox to reach the window.
I hope you understand what my problem is!

This was not a problem when the external screen was on the left side of the laptop. Is this KDE-issue or Nvidia-issue?