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Thread: problems with installing examples for Qt4.6

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    Default problems with installing examples for Qt4.6

    I hope this is the right place to ask my question.
    I updated my Qt version to 4.6 with yast. I also installed the qtcreator. Everything works fine. But it did not install the examples that are actually included in the new version of Qt4.6. So, I downloaded the source code from the nokia website and tried to build it by myself. Unfortunately, that did not work. Did anyone else had the same problem?
    Why didn't opensuse include all these examples? Because it seems like they could be quite helpful.

    I was thinking of uninstalling the Qt version that is on my system and build it from scratch. But when I go to yast und try to remove it, it's of course not possible because other programs need it.
    What would you recommend?

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    Default Re: problems with installing examples for Qt4.6

    did you properly configure which Qt version to be used for compilation in Qt creator?

    if you want to use the system Qt libraries did you install the corresponding libqt4-devel packages?

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    Default Re: problems with installing examples for Qt4.6

    AFAIK that's it: install the devel packages.

    If you run KDE4, removing QT would mean removing your entire KDE4 as well, since it completely depends on QT.

    Upgrading and downgrading QT should be done through the repos, if you want to keep your KDE4.
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