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Thread: Adding repository question

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    Default Adding repository question

    Is there a repository called "Update"?

    Never mind - I found it.

    I can't figure out how to delete my own message??
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    georgeinacton wrote:

    > Is there a repository called "Update"?
    > Yesterday, caf4926 sent me a link to a document called "Multi-media and
    > Restricted Format Installation Guide - UPDATED FOR 11.2" and it starts
    > by saying that I must have installed:
    > Oss:, Non-Oss: and Update: repositories.
    > I'm in YAST looking at Community Repositories and I see quite a few
    > OpenSUSE BuildService and I have the first two but can't see the third -
    > Update.
    > Can anyone tell me where to find this?
    > Carl, I can't figure out how to send you an email so I'm posting this
    > general question, in case you see it.
    > George
    Yvon du Vert-Galant

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