I have been unable to create any type of Windows VM in Xen. Every time it tells me that the processor(s) in the machine do not support full virtualization. After some research, I found several articles regarding the vmx setting in /proc/cpuinfo not showing up when the xen kernel is booted versus it showing up in the default kernel. Of course, I am not seeing the vmx extension in /proc/cpuinfo after I boot to the xen kernel. In the other posts where other people are in the same situation, the only resolution is to upgrade to the 2.6.16 xen kernel. I am already past that:

linux-vxke:~ # uname -r

yet I am still unable to create any form of Windows VM. I have even seen that some people are able to create a partially virtualized Windows VM, and they report that the message is only
a warning. However, I am unable to get past this message. I am running a Dell Optiplex 760 with an Intel Core 2 Duo E7300, and I have the VT-x setting enabled in the BIOS. Has anyone else seen this situation or have any thoughts on why this is happening? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.