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Thread: font sizes for windows and desktop

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    Default font sizes for windows and desktop

    I'm running OpenSUSE 11.2 on several machines including one with an LCD TV screen. To do this I need to set the font sizes for the desktop, menus, and all application windows. With the default settings the fonts are far to small to read from the usual viewing distance.

    In KDE 4 / palsma there is apparently no way to set the font sizes. The QT configuration tool on the K-menu has no affect. However, using the equivalent tool in Xfce I've succeeded in enlarging the QT-dependent fonts globally. That still leaves the desktop fonts, K-menu and most of the "window frame" texts practically unreadable.

    I would have thought that setting these font-sizes an obvious user requirement.The controls should be readily accessible from YAST or the, sadly missed, KDE-control center. However, the machinations and ambitions of the KDE developer fraternity do not concern me at this point.

    My question is simply this, how do I set the font sizes?

    PS. I do hope it can be done without advanced X-surgery.

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    Default Re: font sizes for windows and desktop

    System Settings - Appearance - Fonts

    Mine is like this
    Leap 15.1_KDE
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