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Thread: autopano-sift-C for 11.2?

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    Default autopano-sift-C for 11.2?

    Does anyone know if autopano is available for opensuse 11.2 (for adding control points when stitching panos with hugin)?
    It used to be in the package autopano-sift-C, but I haven't tracked that down anywhere.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: autopano-sift-C for 11.2?


    I have the same question but I think I have found something ;-)
    Go to the openSUSE Build Service, follow the search module and type 'autopano' in the search box (by selecting opensuse 11.2)..
    You will then have the RPMs or the 1-click install process.

    I test this and it works great!

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    Default Re: autopano-sift-C for 11.2?

    Fantastic - thankyou for this. I have been relying on Webpin up till now, but now will
    use this search engine from now on!

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