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Thread: Install program

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    Some people seem to have trouble.
    Put me in

    at both hotmail and yahoo
    Leap 15.1_KDE
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    Kopete works ALMOST fine for me. I have MSN and Yahoo. I have a few hotmail account added in my Yahoo which when they send me a message I can see their message, but when I send them they usually can't.

    When I open Kopete it does nothing though (neither for Yahoo nor MSN) TILL I set my status to whatever (invisible, available) then it connects to my accounts.

    Used to use Pidgin but haven't tried it on KDE. Have Empathy installed as well, that also works fine with both Yahoo and MSN for me.

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    HooLeeO wrote:
    > No mention of it in my manual index.

    no pidgin in your menu? then maybe you have to open YaST > Software
    Management > search for pidgin, and then click a couple of times to
    install it..

    > The amsn didn't work, keeps coming up with
    > errors.

    using what program, kopete?


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    ok I entered you into my list. You show up on both but yahoo still says connecting. I will be away from this computer until tomorrow evening so any ideas you may have will have to wait until then. I did try the status change as suggested below and that changed nothing. MSN is connected YM still says connecting.

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