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    I'm not sure if this is a problem conducive to music players or just the way linux works.

    All my music is on a 1TB USB h/drive which is always present in the 'last plugged in device' app.

    If i use Amarok or Songbird that collects the music data, it will always forget the collection i have if i close the program and restart it sometime later, or if i reboot the system, in each case i would have to rescan the collection. The only way to prevent this is to open the USB drive first, thereby initialising it, then starting up a music player.

    So. Is it possible to extend the duration before the drive goes to sleep. Or is it just that players do not poll the USB for the data they had previously scanned.


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    ext usb drives are listed in devices but not mounted at boot, you have to open it in file manager to mount it.
    Also these devices are dsigned to 'spindown' after some time has elapsed, once this has happened mine remains mounted but it takes a few seconds to spin back to life when you try to access it.
    You can change the scan settings in the music player - not to check it unless you do it manually, which might be the best.
    Typically I don't ext usb drives for such files.
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    o.k thanks


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