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    Question squidguard

    Ok, i have squid 2.7 installed and squidguard both from OpenSuse repositories.
    I'm following the instructions on SquidGuard - openSUSE and when i get to the part where it says to put in "squidGuard -c /etc/squidGuard.conf -C all" it just sits there. the Title bar for the terminal windows changes to squidguard but it doesn't seem to conver the DB's like it's supposed to. it doesn't look like it's doing anything . Top doesn't show a process called squidguard running.

    Trying to figure out what i've done wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    bump bump bump bump

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    JosephKK NNTP User

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    On Wed, 06 Jan 2010 19:46:03 GMT, troykent <> wrote:

    >bump bump bump bump

    So what is in the log file?


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    squidGuard will only convert the files needed and defined in your config file /etc/squidGuard.conf. What do you have in this?

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