Hello All,
on the first day of last Christmas I gave my true love a Navman S150 gps.
Today the free 2009 maps it was meant to come with arrived (and the new Brisbane gateway motorway isn't on there - irrelevent).

Anyway to install the maps you need a program called NavDesk.
I was able to install the program in wine but it wouldn't run without the dotnet framework.
I managed to install this using winetricks.
Now I can launch NavDesk but eventually I get a Runtime error from dotnet
Program: cprogram files\navman\navdesk.exe
an application has attempted to load C runtime library incorrectly
so I'll go looking for that now.

I was just wondering, can I run this program using mono instead of wine or is it more complicated than that?

I've since resorted to windows to install the maps but I wanted to get this working.


PS I've come a long way with this: I'm now blaming the software/hardware maker instead of the operating system whenever this kind of thing isn't as easy as pie.