A short time ago this thread was started:
У�‚ановка SUSE 11 на RAID-1 п€облема - openSUSE Forums
As you can see it was found that setting your browser to UTF-8 the post became redable (for Russian speaking people at least). But asing for the HTTP headers it said that the data send was: text/html; charset ISO-8859-1.

Thus the contents of the page does not correspond to what the server says. Until now I did not have any problems putting non Latin-1 characters in posts here and they were displayed correct. (Just checked, they are coded as HTML &#...; sequences).

Now I can imagine that for some reason UTF-8 encoded text is placed somewhere in otherwise Latin-1 encoded data. But I wonder why pages from these Forums are encoded Latin-1 in any case. Isn't that a bit outdated?